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It's how we win in November!

The bottom line is - we cannot win without block walking. Time and research has shown that block walking is the number one most effective way to connect with voters and encourage them to vote. 

Thanks to our block walk coordinator, Vicky Salin, and the Beto campaign, we have already held over a dozen block walks. We've been out there in over 100 degree weather because we believe that it is "Now or Never."


There are so many freedoms riding on this election in November and we can't afford to slow down.


We are just getting started - and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Fill out the form below and we'll contact you whenever a block walking opportunity arises. Also, check back on our events page as we will update that frequently.

Nervous about block walking? Check out these two videos to get a feel for it...

Don't miss out on our next great event!

On June 26, Bryan-College Station had the largest Beto block walk of the weekend and Beto himself made an impromptu visit. To stay up to date on candidate events and opportunities to block walk, fill out the form below.

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