Texas is the 2nd largest economy in the nation and the 9th largest economy in the WORLD.  Texans deserve world class infrastructure, a world class justice system, world class physical and mental healthcare, and a world class public education system.

Under 30 years of Republican leadership, Texas currently ranks:

  • 38th in poverty

  • 42nd in public education

  • 50th in maternal mortality

  • Last in mental health resources

Texans deserve better! It is past time for a change in leadership and the Democratic Party has the best statewide slate we have ever seen!

  • If you want a Governor who will stand up for ALL Texans, VOTE Beto O'Rourke.

  • If you want a Lt. Governor who will fully support public education, VOTE Mike Collier.

  • If you want an Attorney General who will fight for those who cannot defend themselves, VOTE Rochelle Garza.

  • If you want to elect the first accountant to be the state accountant, VOTE Janet Dudding.

  • If you want a Land Commissioner who has spent his life protecting and celebrating Texas' natural resources, VOTE Jay Kleberg.

  • If you want an Agriculture Commissioner who will bring ethics back to the office, VOTE Susan Hays.

  • If you want a Railroad Commissioner who will make sure the grid is fixed, VOTE Luke Warford.

It's now or never. We have suffered under failed Republican leadership for too long. The Republican party has become a breeding ground for extremist views that are not representative of the majority of Texans. We need to get out and vote on November 8, 2022 like our democracy depends on it... because it does.



Our local candidates, Searcy Toliver, Wanda Watson, and Darrell Booker are all long-time residents of the area and deeply committed to their community.  Each one of these candidates are known for being compassionate, hard-working, dedicated public servants and they are looking forward to being elected your representatives on November 8, 2022.